Cowboy Breakfast Silent Auction

How do I join the fun?


1.  Click here to create an account with 32auctions if you do not have one already.

2.  Click the link they e-mail to you so that your account can be verified.

3.  View the AMAZING auction items at the link above and start bidding!

Helpful Tips:

  1. Create your account early so you are ready to go!

  2. Preview the items online to get an idea of what you want to bid on, but make sure to visit the auction in the cafeteria during Cowboy Breakfast to see some of these items in person. Sometimes a photo just doesn't do it justice, especially when a ton of goodies are packed into one basket.

  3. If you are at school, turn off your Wi-Fi and use your cellular service to surf the auction and place bids. The school's Wi-Fi locks out some websites and can be very slow. This will certainly be true the day of the event if all parents are trying to use it at once.

  4. Remember that all of this is to raise money for our school! The PTO helps to fund vital curriculum, technology and equipment right here at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary! 


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